Everyone offers service. Ours just happens to be above and beyond the ordinary. It’s what our clients have come to expect from us, and for good reason. We satisfy special requests with a reverence and precision rarely seen today. Expectations are not only met, they’re anticipated. Whatever it takes to make your experience with us outstanding, consider it our privilege to fulfill.

Our comprehensive services entail:

  1. Removals of the deceased (from place of death to mortuary)
  2. Arrangement/collection of all relevant documentation for cremation or burial
  3. Death registration
  4. Cemetery/Crematorium bookings
  5. Death notices
  6. Render undertaking services on the day of interment (and many more tailored requirements that are needed)
  7. Memorial services
  8. Tombstones

Phillips Funeral Services is a member of the National Funeral Directors Association, and conforms to all of its standards:

  • To act in the interest of all who need our services
  • To respect all beliefs and to treat all personal information as strictly confidential
  • To treat every deceased with care and respect and to take all due precautions with regard to health regulations
  • To charge reasonable rates for services rendered and not to exploit bereaved families
  • To be responsible in advertising and to refrain from soliciting and corruption
  • To maintain high ethical standards in all relationships with the public as well as other funeral directors
  • To be loyal to this vocation and to the National Funeral Directors’ Association of Southern Africa

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